GF Pizza

2 Shells - $9.99
Prepared - $8.99
+ .85/topping

 GF Italian Style Bread - $5.99

GF Dinner Rolls - $4.99 (6/pkg)

GF Sandwich Rolls - $5.99 (4/pkg)

GF Meatballs - $3.99 (2/pkg)

GF Chicken Parmesan - $8.99

GF Pasta 1 lb. pkg

Assorted Cuts - $4.49
Lasagna - $4.99
GF Desserts

5 Almond Cookies - $2.50
Chocolate Chip Cookies - $1.50
Chocolate Chip Bars - $1.50
Cream Puffs - $1.50
Brownies w/nuts - $1.50

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I wanted to write to you to let you know, I have tried Nick's GF "Bread" and "Pizza". It is "SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!" I think I died and went to Heaven!!! It is the best Bread & Pizza I have tried since being diagnosed with Celiac's 2 years ago. Thankfully, my sister works in Chili, so she is able to find Nick's Deli for me, I live 2 hours away. I am having her pick me up 5 loaves of GF bread & some pizza shells to put in my freezer!!!

I spoke with Nick this morning, what a GREAT Guy he is! He was so Nice on the phone and so understanding, I'm sure he is very well liked in the community! I would like thank him for making my life a little better with his foods!! I look forward to my "toast" every morning now, and when we have pasta, I make my bread into "garlic bread"! It's the best!!!

Thank you again,

Kathy McLane


I have very recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. The day after my diagnosis, quite by chance, my husband and I found out that Nick's Deli makes gluten-free pizza and bread. The day was quite difficult for me, as I was beginning my journey into life with out gluten. For years we have been going to Nicks' Deli for "regular" pizza and subs, and we were in for a wonderful treat chatting with Nick and Silvana about a gluten-free lifestyle. They were gracious, kind and oh so helpful to myself and my husband. They helped pave the way for me that day and I received more than just a "great" pizza, I received kindness and concern. My husband shared the experience of a gluten free pizza with me and he said, "If I did not know better, I would think that I was eating a regular thin crust pizza".

The experience at Nick's was two-fold for me. First and foremost, my husband and I were touched by the time and consideration that Nick and Silvana took with us. Second, the pizza is great, the bread is great, and the pasta is great. Just stop in, and you will see for yourself. Of course, you can bring a friend or spouse, and they can share the gluten-free pizza with you, or have any of the many "regular" menu items, either way it is a win-win!!!

Thank you Nick and Silvana!

Barbara and Ron Brown


(585) 247-6270
1098 Chili-Coldwater Road
Rochester, NY 14624